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Like many endeavors, ours grew out of an unconformity with the status quo and a deep passion about travel. You see, as you may have noticed, since the appearance of the internet more than 20 years ago, the travel industry has been forced to reinvent itself repeatedly in order to keep up with the exponential evolution of technology. First came the ability to book accommodations and flights directly with hotels and airlines, without the need to consult with a travel agent. Then came smartphones and apps, providing easy access to an ocean of information and converting tourists into professional photographers with the touch of a button. And in recent years, globalization and social media have had profound impact in the popularity of a destination, directly contributing to the overexploitation of local resources and stripping many – if not all - destinations of their unique identity.


Travel used to present a perfect opportunity to discover new and different experiences, yet often we found ourselves living the same experiences as everybody else and ultimately feeling disconnected from the places we visit. As a result, the travel industry has been trying to adapt once again, this time to respond to recent demand for less crowded destinations, genuine encounters with local culture and memorable experiences – something special that elevates a regular trip to transformational travel. But most times this is little more than a rebranding exercise, selling an existing product as an “experience”. So, the question is what makes for a memorable travel experience and how do we go about having one?


The answer to this basic question is the foundation of Caribou. In an attempt to distance ourselves from conventional tourism, we sought to create unique and genuine travel experiences that can hardly be found anywhere else. Each of our trips is designed to inspire and exhilarate, opening eyes and minds through meaningful connections with nature, culture and people.

Our mission

To create unique and genuine travel experiences.

Our core values

To enjoy
every moment, every person and every experience 

To inspire
To travel often, to wander and know new places, new people, diferent cultures

To preserve
the earth and those who inhabit it and respect all those that come across our journey



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