Discover desertic beaches, snorkel in a 20,000 year old coral reef and adventure into the ocean to go whale watching

On the southern half of the Baja California Peninsula you will find a desert landscape juxtaposed against brilliant blue waters. It is bellow the surface of the Sea of Cortez - dubbed “the world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau - that you will find a remarkable ecosystem bursting with life. Take a tour with local fisherman to see humback whales breaching  meters high in the air, or suit up and dive down to meet turtles, eels, snappers, and even sharks.

Best time to go: October - March

Baja California Sur Highlights


During the months of late November to early April, an incredible wildlife phenomenon happens in the waters of Baja California: almost the entire world’s population of grey whales, humpbacks and a couple thousand blue whales migrate to its shallow lagoons to socialise, mate and give birth. The naturally calm, warm and nutrient-rich waters, make it the perfect breeding spot for these mighty giants - and actually the only spot for grey whales. 


In the baja peninsula, far from the spring-break resorts of Los Cabos, you can find miles and miles of secluded beaches, where the white sand contrasts with the turquoise water.


Vibrant facades, cobblestone streets, proud cacti and tall palm trees are just a few things that make Baja California Sur small towns so appealing, without the downfalls associated with international fame, like crowded streets and inflated prices.

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