Adventure through impenetrable rainforests to discover hidden mayan ruins

With a privileged geography, the Mexican state of Chiapas compasses seven different ecosystems that will have nature lovers willing to venture off the beaten track swoon over it's unique attractions: hidden jungle ruins, surrounded by thick, lush vegetation; attractive colonial cities with a rich indigenous heritage and colorful façades; and an impenetrable rainforest filled with exotic animals.

Best time to go: November - April

Chiapas Highlights


Created by the mighty Rio Grijalva, the Sumidero Canyon is as old as the Grand Canyon. The most impressive way to experience it is to take a boat trip down the river, between the massive vertical walls that rise more than 800m above the water level. In the National Park that surrounds the canyon, you can find an abundance of wildlife hidden between the diverse vegetation, endangered species such as the great curassow, spider monkey and river crocodile and threatened species like the jaguarundi, ocelot and king vulture.


Chiapas is the site of some of the Mexico's most spectacular Mayan ruins. Rising from the dense jungle, surrounded by thick, lush vegetation, the crumbling temples and pyramids will entice you to climb up it's steps and travel through time.


Hidden among the dense jungle, you can find a watery world of splendid natural beauty where you'll be able to plunge into the refreshing waters and rediscover what the earth must have looked like in it's purest form.

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