Visit colorful colonial cities, explore ancient ruins  and relax in tropical beach towns

Oaxaca is a vast state full of diverse natural riches, savory cuisine and a vibrant art scene. At the center of the state stands the colorful colonial city of Oaxaca. a city recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, best known for it's internationally acclaimed culinary scene and cultural heritage. To the south you can find one of Mexico’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, dotted with small and relaxed beach towns bathed by a sea full of wildlife and world-class waves, ideal for surfers of all levels.

Best time to go: October - May

Oaxaca Highlights


Wander through the cobbled paths of the Oaxaca city center, observe it's beautiful colonial architecture and soak in the distinctly Oaxacan atmosphere. Visit some of it's local boutique shops, art gallerys and take a few hours to relax and enjoy the world renown Oaxacan cuisine while tasting a good mezcal, tequila's smoky, grown-up sibling. 


On Oaxaca’s beautiful, little-developed tropical coast there are several beach towns and villages with a laid-back vibe, and a near-empty shoreline filled with both coved and long beaches and lagoons bursting with wildlife.


The Oaxaca Valley has a number of well-preserved ruins, such as Mitla and the unavoidable abandoned city of Monte Alban.


The Oaxacan coast is filled with top surf spots that every year challenge surfers from all over the world. Small waves, big waves, longboards, or short boards, newbies or pros, if you like the water you'll find your fix here.

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